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Unlock your full potential as a shooter with JusHoop Guider - the ultimate solution for breaking bad habits and developing new muscle memory through thousands of correct repetitions. Stay focused and improve your accuracy, consistency, and control on the court with JusHoop Guider!"


When it comes to shooting, hand placement and positioning are key factors that can greatly impact your performance. To become a consistent shooter, you must have control of the ball and be able to direct it accurately to the basket. This is where the roles of the shooting hand and guide hand come into play. The shooting hand is typically your dominant hand and is responsible for releasing the ball towards the basket, while the guide hand, which is usually your non-dominant hand, helps with ball control and direction.

It is important to understand the specific functions of each hand and master the proper technique for both. Both hands are equally important in the shooting process, and neither should be considered inferior or superior. By paying attention to hand placement and mastering the functions of both hands, you can improve your control and consistency as a shooter


  • Loose on the side of the ball – no tension
  • Full contact on the ball until the point of release.
  • Hand should be vertical with the fingers pointing up
  • Does not push or flick the ball – stays straight and finishes high
  • Should be held up as part of the follow-through finish, not dropped


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