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The Jushoop Shot Creator is designed to be a lightweight training aid that can be used by basketball players of all ages and skill levels. Its adjustable resistance bands allow players to customize the level of resistance to their individual needs, making it suitable for beginners and advanced players alike. 


The Jushoop Shot Creator is designed to help basketball players improve their Scoring skills by providing immediate feedback during shooting drills.  It can help players develop proper techniques to become an elite scorer, as well as increase strength and muscle memory.  The Shot Creator will simulate different types of defensive pressure and help players improve in game performances.


 The Shot Creator focus Points

  • Teaching six critical shot pockets 
  • Three different ways to get into a shot - off the dribble, off the pivot, and off the catch.
  • Defensive zone-  Defenders generally keep their hands in the middle of the offensive player's body, which is where the Shot Creator is positioned, allowing players to work on their shooting skills while facing defensive pressure.

JUSHOOP Shot Creator

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